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Finding Home

(Notes on our semi-nomadic, completely pondered, lives) Last year we relocated from the South of Portugal - where we had been living ever since our move overseas - to the North - where I grew up after my parents decided to move out here as well.

The North of Portugal was home to my sisters and me from our pre-teen to our young adult years, and memories from that time have been displayed all throughout our home there or stored away in countless boxes.

With family and roots set in the area, some extended time in the North made sense.

We were there for a little over a year. The kids made new friendships, good friendships and their own friendships, as opposed to those imposed by our friendships when we visited. They dug up some dirt, planted some seeds, and grew some roots of their own. As those seeds started to grow and strengthen, they were sent home. We all were. Friendships continued developing online, jobs would have no fixed location for the upcoming year or more and we'd come to miss all of our prior routines. We'd come to miss home.

A part of our lives will always take place in the city in the North, one that we will now come back to with the kids, for longer or shorter periods of time, for them to nurture and care for. For now, though, we've resumed life in this little town down South we also call home.

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