Workshops are an amazing way to dive deeper into your practice and personal transformation. Time is precious and scarce. That’s why I believe that making time for YOU is making the best of it. Whether you are looking to feel re-energized and IGNITE the vitality you hold within, or relaxed to INSPIRE from a place of grace, open your planner and make space to be on the receiving end of nurture and care. You’ll feel lively and chill simultaneously while creating the foundation for a happier and healthier YOU as you tap into the state of body and mind you desire.

Yoga on Deck


Reconnect and Revitalize

A 2-hour workshop for dynamic women who are in the flow, yet want to learn how to access and tap into a constant supply of vitality they hold within.


This workshop is for you If you want to:

- ignite your powerhouse - your core - feel empowered and stay connected,

- balance your energy while strengthening your health,

- clear mental space to operate from a place of grace and clarity,

- transform blockage into release and unleash limitless possibilities,

- tone and sculpt subtly,

- reconnect with your self physically and mentally,

- and celebrate YOU!

Pilates Stretches


Realign and Rediscover


A 2- hour workshop for the multi-faceted, multi-tasker, full-time juggler who is ready for some transformational "me-time".


Are you ready to treat yourself as if you are someone you hold dear to your heart?


This workshop is for you if you want to:

- make and take the time to relax and recharge,

- look after yourself and build up your well-being,

- create length in the body,

- transforming blockage into release and

- supporting a healthy and balanced flow of energy,

- carve out mental space for intentional and conscious living,

- operate and create from a place of grace versus struggle,

- replenish and tap into your inner-joy,

- aspire to inspire.


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