Tap into YOU. 
Claim Your Energy.
Express Your Strength!

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Hi, I'm Christine and, through Barre and Yoga, I help dynamic women stay connected to their inner, most authentic self so they can claim their energy and express their strength with creativity and joy.


I am a professionally trained yoga teacher, barre instructor, and I draw. I am also a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and therefore, a giver, an educator, a caretaker and a get-things-done-er.


Life gets busy, and as an active woman you tend to it like a hot knife through butter. You’ve been told multitasking is proven to be humanly impossible, but you swear by it and suspect you’re the living proof of superhuman. After all, you master the juggling act of planning, problem-solving, supporting and taking on challenges daily. At the end of the day, weren’t you able to check-off the priorities of your long and diverse list of “to-do’s”?


I get it! Now, check again… Are you a priority on that same list?


Tap into YOU.

Through my classes and workshops, you will improve your general well-being.


More than a fitness decision, you will be committing to YOU and to living life with attention and intention.


By practising Barre Fusion and Yoga, you will be supporting the woman that lives within, connecting with her true nature, igniting her inner-drive and unleashing her inner power.

You'll be provided with a wonderful opportunity to exercise your body and mind, feel good and have fun in the process while meeting other amazing like-minded women.

You will find yourself radiating from within with beauty and happiness, creativity and compassion. When you feel this good you can face your challenges from a place of grace rather than struggle and depletion.​


You will not only manifest more of what you want but be all and more of what your world needs.


Check out my offerings of classes and workshops:

Yoga Mats


A low-impact, whole-body health fitness class that packs a punch!


Join me in a studio setting or book your private session in and around Lagos, Portugal, for a feel-good Barre Fusion practice that will leave you feeling mentally and physically balanced.


Recharge, realign and reset as you increase your energy and clear your mind through this whole-body health fitness class which brings together the benefits of both ballet fitness and yoga.

You’ll leave the class energized and relaxed, balanced and collected and ready to take on your day!



Whether you are looking to ignite your core (your powerhouse!) and feel energized, or to clear mental space and take time to relax and recharge, making an honest and sincere commitment to carving out time for yourself is imperative to improve many aspects of your life. 


My Barre Fusion and Yoga workshops are a fun way to inspire you to create healthy habits (Spoiler Alert: including an occasional indulgence!) and equip you with tools to integrate them on a daily basis!


Straight from the Source

"I just LOVE Christine´s Barre and Yoga Fusion Class!!! The perfect mix of fitness and yoga elements. THANK YOU!!!"

Annika R.

"Christine's yoga classes are soooo restorative! I love how gentle and at the same time encouraging she is. I always end up doing more than I thought I was capable of doing. I highly recommend working with Christine."

Vanessa I.
Business Owner

"This class (Barre and Yoga Fusion) is so much more than yoga, its a fun challenge for body and mind, particularly coordination!

Every week our lovely teacher Christine changes the format a little so you are always trying something new.

I really enjoy the variety of challenges this class offers and the feel-good factor I leave with each week.

 SO looking forward to Tuesday!!!"

Freda W.


My goal is to help you stay collected and connected both physically and mentally and to remind you of the healing and transformative power of self-nurture and care, through the practice of Barre Fusion and Yoga.

If you have any doubts or are just wondering if this practice is for you, please, reach out... I am happy to answer all your questions.

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