March 21, 2019


This post has been a long time coming….


I was out walking with a friend this week on a stroll around town as we tried to catch up while also creating the mood for her beautiful toddler to take her morning nap. I was telling her how I’ve been feeling particularly tired lately and like I’m constantly chasing time!




I started to notice how in some way or fashion the theme was popping up across everything I read, heard or spoke about.


Last week, the same seemed to have happened with Curiosity and Attention. So I took it as a message, deciphered it, and did my best to place my attention on staying curious throughout the week; as Walt Disney put it, "it keeps leading you down new paths." Curiosity is also said to be the great secret to happiness.


I was excited to play the game,  but soon thereafter must have fallen victim to the routine of life dictated by time or the lack thereof.


Again, time. A limited resource we all wish we had more and/ or made the best of what we have.


One of the biggest challenges we face today, namely women, to feel centered and empowered, as we divide our energy and attention throughout our day, therefore feeling depleted every now and then, if not almost always, is managing our time in the best possible way.


The biggest obstacle with time is using it wisely, but then it’s so fleeting that it can make the task hard to achieve. Carving out space for me-time, including sitting with a good friend or a good book, going on a date night with your better half or just  finding focus to be fully present when your kids are relaying their school day, from what they had for lunch or who said what to whom and how all of it made them feel.


This week I decided to make note - I function on notes and reminders - of the subtle or right in your face signs concerning Time that were showing up throughout my week. And, the results were pretty impressive in regards to what I personally needed to receive in the form of information on how to better manage and perceive this most valuable non-renewable resource that is time.


They included:


  • Notes on perceiving time as currency and therefore defining a bank of time not only to allocate towards your work or business but also, and above all, towards your beautiful life and to that and those who make it all worth the while.


  • Time as the only metric of success that really matters and the one we ignore, as well as how spending it with friends can extend your life (and therefore your time).


  • A sweet meditation for all of you busy, lively and energetic ladies!


  • And how uniquely creative people are in how they decide to spend their time; after all time wasted on doing what you love is not a waste of it!


I’m compiling it all in a fun and short list that I’ll be sharing in the newsletter tomorrow.


If you’re curious and have the time, sign up for it on the homepage (in pink, right below my photo) and I’ll be sure to get it to you directly in your inbox!


Until then, I'll leave you with this beautiful quote:


"When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”


~Eleanor Brown on the importance of self-care.





PS: March Barre and Yoga Fusion Session started last Friday, from 9h30 to 10h30, at Sobre Artes Escola de Dança, in Praia da Luz. It’ll take place every week at the same time and location, however, there are only 2 available spots in each lesson until April 5th. To claim your spot, just email me to by Thursday of each week. Thanks!


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