December 10, 2018



The year is (so quickly!) coming to a wrap!


In preparation of the season, I’m betting you’re busy tying all loose ends as you check off the little big things you want to get done before, in some manner and length, you take a well deserved break.


Prepping to finish yet another year as best as you can and, above all, with those who've touched you on different levels, by letting them know - family, good old friends and friends made along the way - that you appreciate them and wish them the best in the turn of the new year… That’s that, and you’re ready to celebrate new beginnings!


Time flies so much faster around now… Over many years, this left me in awe. Recently, it humbles me and keeps me in check and appreciation of my time and what I do with it.


Whatever way you’ve decided to spend your time and live your experiences over the past 12 months, right around now, is when you tend to look back on the year and give it a thought. I hope you do it with a smile towards the good and the not so great and embrace it fully as you get ready to bid 2018 farewell.


And, maybe, keep in mind, a bit along a line by Emily Dickinson, “Forever is composed of Nows”.


That being said, and in appreciation towards the value you bring to my time, I wanted to remind you to do the same four yourself, over the next few weeks, to redirect that same gratitude towards YOU! To take it easy and enjoy the peace and the chaos of the holiday and to take those little big measures that help you check in with yourself, reconnect with your very essence and share your true expression… Your JOY! It’s more of what your world, the people in it, need.




1. Give yourself space to breathe

Make your go-to place your breath (or Pranayama); it works wonders!

How To:

- Come into a comfortable seated position
- Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs. 
- Hold your breath to the count of "three." 
- Exhale slowly and mindfully, through the nose, relaxing your facial muscles, jaw and shoulders.
- Try again.
* Inhale fully and consciously, exhale to let your body surrender! Cultivate equal lengths in both the in and the out breath.


2. Come into child pose for a few minutes

Balasana (or Child Pose) calms the mind, improves digestion, lengthens the lower back, opens the hips and signals your nervous system 
to relax!


How To:


- Come onto your hands and knees (into tabletop position),
- bring your big toes together, allowing your knees to spread out to the sides,
- sink your hips back over your heels as your chest lowers towards the mat,
- walk your fingertips towards the front of the mat, elongating the sides of the body, and
- relax the forehead down, allowing your chest to open and your mind to soften.

3. Remember to “Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world” (~ Lucille Ball, an icon among the wonderful women in my family)


I'll leave it at that, with just one last reminder,  because your time and what you do with it is precious , to join me and a great group of ladies, for a Barre Fusion Christmas Class I'm hosting at Sobre Artes, in Praia da Luz (Lagos), next Friday the 14th, from 9h30 to 10h50. I have a sweet sequence prepared to propel you from a place of grace into the festivities, as well as a little gathering afterwards to cheer the season and the new year!


Space is limited, unfortunately, so be sure to RSVP via hello


Until then...



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