In this workshop, we will activate the Manipura Chakra, your navel chakra, for personal empowerment and to increase your energy, willpower, confidence and self-esteem.


This energy wheel in the body, equally known as your Solar Plexus, is associated with your core center and acts as a storage for your vitality. Through the practice of Barre Fusion and Yoga, with a focus on strengthening the core, your powerhouse, together we will connect to our (fire) center and activate the energy of the Manipura Chakra.


Leave collected and ignited, confident and willing to express yourself creatively and joyfully, and connected to your most authentic self to establish a healthy ego.


In this WORKSHOP, you will:


- use core work and pranayama to learn how to ignite your inner fire,

- balance your Manipura chakra and therefore your energy,

- empower and balance both mind and body,

- acquire practical tools you can access instantly and integrate daily.


This workshop includes:


- 75 minute Barre Fusion and Yoga (including Hatha and Ballet Fitness)

- Chakra Theory

- Manipura Chakra Meditation


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