Feeling depleted? Replenish. Reset. Reconnect!

What if you rolled up your sleeves to tend to yourself with the same grit you do to tend to others?

Have little or no time? Thinking about the drive to the studio? And then, there’s parking! It just doesn’t fit in your daily hustle!

Commit to making yourself a priority!


Reminding yourself of the things, both little or large, that you can do for yourself to tap into that inner smile and reconnect with that inner joy, is transformational in ways that will blow your mind!

Does having a personal space to stretch, clear your mind and recoup at your fingertips sound pretty awesome? It is!

I will come to you, help you set up your home studio and make taking care of yourself that much easier!

My private classes are tailored to your needs through the practice of Hatha and Yin Yoga, as well as my Barre Fusion. My goal is to give you tools and inspiration for you to reconnect personally, realign and restore, to ultimately unlock your full potential:

  • as you dedicate a moment in time that will benefit you throughout your day, your week, your life,

  • as I provide you with tools and tips to help you feel collected and connected, both physically and mentally, and

  • as you become inevitably impacted by the healing and transformative power of self-care/ nurture.

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