What is Barre?

Barre is a total body workout, combining moves and postures inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates. It improves core strength, posture and flexibility, builds lean muscle and body and breath awareness. The practice leaves you feeling simultaneously energized and relaxed, strong and graceful, offering you overall balance.


Lotte Berk

While barre classes have been popping up in cities across the world, the barre movement began back in 1959, in London, with Lotte Berk, a German-born dancer, and teacher who lived in England from the late 30s. After having suffered from a spinal injury, Berk developed her unique method of exercise, drawing on ballet moves to strengthen the spine and stabilize the core to assist. Today’s barre classes, offered in studios and gyms, are directly or indirectly inspired and influenced by Berk’s method.

You can learn more about Lotte here

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