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Hi, I'm Christine, creator and illustrator behind Opal & Ghost.

I'm an American-Portuguese currently living in Europe with my Italian husband and two American kids. I love to travel with my family and we’ve lived in many different places

throughout the States and Europe.

I’m also an online language teacher who enjoys learning.

I reconnected with my love of drawing shortly after becoming a mom, started sharing my work and have had the privilege

to help tell and capture people’s stories through commissioned art and custom illustrated portraits ever since.

These make for beautiful mementoes and keepsakes for many occasions.

Apart from drawing and storytelling, I'm a self-care enthusiast; practising it allows me to show up, do my best possible work and better take care of the ones I love most.

I'm, therefore, a certified Yoga Teacher and Barre Instructor, motivated by the idea best expressed by Dr Robin Berzin, that "true wellness means feeling calm, energized and having the tools to get back there when you don't". I love to share some of these tools and also use my drawings as happy reminders and self-care art to stay well and inspired.

I'm so delighted that you're here...


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